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Presenting volume 1

- s h o r t -


An ethical teaching.

Ethics of Constructive Expectation.

In popular science style.

Everyone is invited to consider the texts (but a special invitation
is extended to professionals: journalists and humanists)!

These texts present to us the Goal which, in general,
is at the top in the hierarchy of the variety of matters covering
the development of mankind.

But it is not until their contents becomes actually available
to everyone that we are likely to reach this goal in reality.

- l o n g -

as a possible pivot of a new scientific paradigm.
In popular science style.

A worthy project of a basis for the Russian national concept with
the potential of being transformed into a transnational ideology.

(1) Simply and clearly a foundation is provided to the hypothesis
(independent from N.F.Fyodorov''s active Christianity) that the vector
of the world process is OBJECTIVELY directed toward accomplishing
a Global resurrection of all the generations of earthlings.
The task of the practical realization of the latter is assigned
to our Remote Descendants.

(2) Equally convincing consideration is given to the SUBJECTIVE factor,
i.e. our direct ability (and, therefore, responsibility) to h e l p
the Remote Descendants in the matter of the universal Salvation
accomplished by human hand.

(3) This book may issue in a renewed mankind.
If this actually happens, we all will have the right to be proud
of the fact that we were contemporaries of its appearing.

(4) As for the benefit that this book may bring us today,
I would not even mention it.

(5) The text is supplied with a professor''s preface.

Respectfully, Oleg Lokos

-- -- -- -- ---
( transfer L. B.,
he wants to be incognito.
Oh, so he is humble
! )
-- -- -- -- ---

But later, sorry, only machine translation...

. . . . . . . . .


The outcome of the twentieth century was marked by a critical aggravation
of three interconnected complexes of problems. On the one hand,
planet overpopulation.

The "demographic" block includes (lists are obviously incomplete)
a perspective of systematic malnutrition of the whole nations
and in general injustice of distribution of resources.
That is main threat of war.
All enters into the second block connected with the relations with habitat.

The complex of environmental problems is defined by questions of pollution
of the environment, resource depletion (including ozone) and developments
of greenhouse effect.

And also active counteraction from ecological system of Earth generating,
for example, undesirable mutations of wheat or the same viruses AIDS, flu,
etc. At last, the block of mental problems predominating in this triad
contains in itself the imbalances connected with "belief crisis".

As an initial hypothesis the assumption about all-system (probably,
nadsistemny) character of the prime cause of these problems consisting
in insufficiency, narrow-mindedness, discrepancy of our reflection
is accepted. This discrepancy in the form of a distortion
in understanding by citizens of Earth of own rights and duties is shown.

Thereof the person takes away from environment natural and social much
more than that he could and had to, following the requirement
of maintenance of a global homeostasis.

The following working hypothesis looks for the "technical" prime cause
of the specified imbalance. It is supposed that generally our troubles
root in lack of the uniform spiritual basis uniting mankind being above
policy and over economy. Last centuries gave indisputable domination just
spiritual religiously to relationship that is well visible on examples
of rather stood apart Christian or Muslim civilizations.

Apparently, during an era of globalization of world life these priorities
could change only an external form of the manifestation.

In this case finding of the uniform spiritual basis, ready to unite modern
mankind appears the main condition of optimization of balance of our rights
and duties.

In the following work the project of ethical system
"Constructive Expectation"
which applies for a role of that basis is offered.



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